Cambarus bartonii bartonii

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Cambarus bartonii bartonii

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Scientific Name: Cambarus bartonii bartonii (a proposed sub-species of Cambarus (cambarus) bartonii)

Common Name(s): Appalachian Crayfish, Common Crayfish

Adult Size: 2 - 2.5" (size may vary for the other proposed sub-species)

Diet: Like most crayfish, it will eat whatever is available to it. However, this species shows more inclination towards meat based foods when given an option.

Breeding: Will mate and breed in captivity very easily.

Temperament: Moderately aggressive. This species shows little fear when faced with larger crayfish, fish and animals. And will actively defend itself before finally "tail-flicking" away or retreating into a burrow or hide.

Behavior in Captivity: This species will tolerate small groups in an appropriately sized aquarium, provided there are enough hiding spots and they are fed regularly. When there is competition for hiding spots or food (for example, when feeding every other day or longer to encourage scavenging to clean the tank), generally, the largest male or female will actively kill off it's tankmates with extreme levels of aggression.

This species does not usually eat plants (juveniles nibble on them more often than adults), but this species likes to burrow and rearrange the tank regularly. Often this causes most plants to be moved or uprooted.

Because of this species level of aggression, it may try to catch any fish, shrimp, snails, etc you have in the tank with it. It's best to avoid putting them in with any small, bottom dwelling or slow creatures. From personal experience, I have found that despite their size they are very powerful and can easily catch and kill a large spectrum of tankmates.


Adult Male, 2.5"

Adult Male, 2.5"

Adult Male & Female, 2-2.5"


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