crayfish hunter pls come in

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crayfish hunter pls come in

Post  ccm143 on Tue Sep 01, 2009 1:15 pm

dear crayfish hunter,

if u got any rare wild crayfish, pls psot here, or contact with me(, we propose to expand our breeding spieces. collecting various rare North American crayfish. such as:

Cambarus diogenes
Cambarus(Puncticambarus) Scott
Cambarus (Hiaticambarus)Girardianus
Cambarus Rusticiformis
Cambarus (Puncticambarus) Coosae
Cambarus Speciosus
Cambarus (Lacunicambarus) Ludovicianus
Orconectes Durelli
Orconectes erichsonianus
Procambarus echinatus
Procambarus vasquezae
Euastacus Sulcatus
Faxonella Clypeata
Cambarellus diminutus

best regards


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