The Marmorkreb Threat

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The Marmorkreb Threat Empty The Marmorkreb Threat

Post  Admin on Sun Jan 25, 2009 12:36 pm

Currently, there is a vast debate on whether or not this species has the potential to be a damaging invasive species. Arguments are split between this species ability to reproduce at an alarming rate without the need of a mate (something that could potentially overrun native species) and it's general passive temperament which allows it to be taken prey by other species.

At the current time, there are thriving (introduced) wild populations of this species in Germany and Madagascar (this species is also being more commonly used as bait, feeders in ponds, etc in the USA). This illustrates another potential issue with this species... it's ability to survive in a variety of extreme conditions and environments.

While studies and debates continue, I encourage all owners of Marmorkrebs to be careful with this species. Do not use it as bait unless it is frozen beforehand. Do not release this crayfish into the wild should you no longer want it (please sell it, rehome it or humanely destroy it - clove oil). Do not sell this crayfish to pet stores unless they are fully aware of what they are buying, as they may resell it to someone who does not know what to do with this species and it's high rate of reproduction.

If you need to rehome or sell your Marmorkrebs and cannot find a new owner, you are more than welcome to contact me. I have the ability to care for a large number of this species, I also have a number of associates who are always looking to get more Marmorkrebs to use as feeders for their aquarium pets.

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