Ghost Shrimp

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Ghost Shrimp

Post  Admin on Mon Aug 18, 2008 7:45 pm

I am currently trying to breed this humorous species of shrimp. I currently only have a small batch (6) of shrimp with only one mature female. I'll be adding to these in the weeks to come in hopes that a number boost will yield some berried females. At which point I'll be following this process in hopes of successfully growing some of the offspring produced:

I'll set up a 10 gallon tank with a minimal amount of gravel on the bottom and an air-powered sponger filter. I'll add a number of floating plants like hornwort (and anything similar I find at the LFS) to provide cover for the offspring. I'll be using Golden Pearls ( to feed the juveniles, and should that prove not to be effective I will try mushed up egg yolks as an alternative.
If I can get my hands on them I'll add a few ramshorn snails to keep the cycle going in the tank more effectively.

So, once I have a berried female I can set up the tank to what's mentioned above and move the female until the eggs hatch. I'll have to remove her after they hatch so that she doesn't eat the offspring, but hopefully I'll have babies in the future!

Two of my current stock. These two are exhibiting vivid striping, some of my others are turning shades of red as result of their current diet (I've seen ghost shrimp change to pale greens, pinks, reds and oranges because of diet). All the more reason I would love to raise some of my own!

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