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User: Aquarium Decor and More
Good, Bad or Neutral: At this time, this user is currently listed as Neutral. I have had no direct experience with them, however, I have bought offspring from other users who have purchased crayfish from this user. This user sells White P. alleni, however, all of the subsequently sold offspring from other users who had bought from them, ended up selling P. clarkii believing that they were P. alleni. So, I'm inclined to believe that this person is unaware of the difference between P. alleni and P. clarkii or is intentionally scamming. But without personal experience, I cannot definitively verify this.

User: bluecraygal
Good, Bad or Neutral: Good. This user was one of the people who had bought from Aquarium Decor and More and was selling off offspring from their purchased breeding pair. Upon finding out that they were selling P. clarkii instead of P. alleni they offered full refunds, changed all of their listings to "white crayfish" instead of "white P. alleni" and was all around very helpful. I kept the P. clarkii because they were in excellent condition and beautiful specimens. So, if you're looking for nicely raised and vivid white crayfish, this is a good user.

User: planted_aquariums_central
Good, Bad or Neutral: Good. This is an excellent person to buy crayfish (shrimp, snails and plants) from. Her stock is diverse, well-bred, excellent in condition and well taken care of. However, like most users on eBay her rates are a little higher here to compensate for eBay's fees. I suggest using her website or finding her on to purchase from, as the prices are a bit lower there. (aquabid ID - Chambers3530 website -


User: Crayfreak
Good, Bad or Neutral: Good. And excellent person to buy crayfish from! He has beautiful and healthy stock. His sales can be found on, and

User: Chambers3530
Good, Bad or Neutral: Good. Read above, in eBay section.

User: Theemon
Good, Bad or Neutral: Good. Sells healthy and inexpensive blue P. alleni.

User: Gatorcrayfish
Good, Bad or Neutral: Good. Sells interestingly colored and healthy crayfish at inexpensive prices.

User: Bigcajun
Good, Bad or Neutral: Good. Sells a variety of hard to find NA species at decent prices. His crayfish are wild-caught, so they make great additions for new blood in breeding tanks.


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