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The "Do Not Use" Websites Empty The "Do Not Use" Websites

Post  Admin on Sat Dec 20, 2008 9:29 pm

The following are a list of sites I strongly suggest you DO NOT use:

1.) -
While the owner of this site provides very useful information, he also provides dangerous misinformation. He refuses to acknowledge scientific studies, reports and journals and will attempt to threaten anyone who disagrees with him. He has been known to willingly break state laws for a sale. And he has been known to follow around users on forums, harassing them for sales or disagreeing with him. He also charges phenomenal prices for singular crayfish and over charges on basic shipping. Now, admittedly, some people have had positive experiences with this person... however, I find the negatives drastically outweigh the positives. If you would like to obtain a Marmorkreb/Marbled Crayfish, I suggest using the following sites instead:

2.) -
Do not use this website. They have some really interesting things, however, it's a proven scammer. Orders are taken and never shipped, or taken and damaged products are shipped. All the normal scammer tricks can be found here.

3.) -
A better site for information on snails, aegla, crayfish and shrimp. While there's a nice store, the owner is currently involved in several website/forum arguments because several dozen people are claiming that they have been scammed out of their money for no products.

Suggestion: If you're going to buy from this store (at least until the issues are resolved) use something like a credit card, where if you encounter any issues you can easily file a claim to get your money back.
(Issues observed on:,, Current status of resolution: Unknown)

4.) -
DO NOT USE. General consensus amongst users of,, and is that this site should only be used for purchasing of plants. Fish, Inverts and Amphibians are shipped out in poor, sick and dying condition. Their methods for shipping are also questionable.

5.) -
I used to have this website in my other section with merely a warning that they did not use the best methods for packing and shipping. But that, in good weather, the shipping wasn't really an issue and your products arrived in all right condition. Well, in light of recent purchases made by various members on scattered forums, I felt the need to move this website here. They are apparently incapable of resolving issues created on their part and cannot reach amiable resolutions with their customers. And I don't feel that shipping incomplete orders without explanation, shipping animals in a manner that ensures the weather will kill them before arrival or that taunting your customers when they attempt to resolve this issue with you constitutes as "good business".



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