Crayfish Feeding for Individual Species

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Crayfish Feeding for Individual Species

Post  Admin on Tue Aug 26, 2008 10:49 pm

This list is based on my personal experience only:

Cherax quad- Loves string beans, soy beans, cucumbers, Hikari sinking pellets and the occasional hand-fed fish and shrimp tail (my quads do not actively hunt any fish, the species is very docile and non-aggressive).

Procambarus clarkii- Loves Hornwort, Anacharis, fish (loves to hunt live food), shrimp tails, Hikari sinking pellets. They do not seem too interested in many vegetables unless it's their only food option and they are HUNGRY.

Procambarus alleni- Loves fish (loves to hunt live food), shrimp tails, crab pellets (show less interest in other sinking pellets, but will eat them), and Marine Cuisine shrimp cubes.

Cherax sp. Red Brick- It's natural diet is mainly vegetation and is very picky. Thus far I've found that my Red Brick will actively eat cucumbers, string beans and sinking pellets that have more vegetable matter content than meat.

And all of these crayfish (with the exception of the Red Brick) LOVE blackworms!


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