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Breeding Instructions/Tips/Info

Post  Admin on Tue Aug 19, 2008 8:10 pm

Thanks to a few friends on and I've found the following tips for breeding Cherax quads (Red-Claws)

1.) You'll need a fairly large tank, 2ft in length as an absolute minimum but 3-4ft (or larger) being preferred. The larger the tank, they more likely they are to breed.

2.) The tank should be kept with minimal essentials only (one or two hides in case someone molts), during breeding attempts.

3.) You will need to replicate the northern Australian seasons (as this is the natural environment of this species). But simply keep the water temp above 20C consistantly but preferably at and around 25C. You will need some form of lighting control (a timer) and be sure they have at least 14 hours daylight and 10 hours dark for a photoperiod. This lighting does not need to be very strong remembering they are in crystal clear water.

4.) Breeding is best with ratios such as 1 male to 2-3 females, if possible. And the males should be similar size (not varying much on the smaller/larger scale) to the females, because a significantly smaller crayfish could be mutilated or killed during the mating process. Additionally, but not necessarily as important, females become more fussy about whom they mate with as they get older, and the chances for success could drop significantly. It's best to work with younger, smaller females than your male crayfish.


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